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Clinical Information

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Client's Current Medications

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Referring Source

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Community resource involvement

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Having Trouble?
Contact us toll free at: 1.877.767.9642

We are not an emergency service. If your patient is too ill to tolerate the wait for an assessment, please consider accessing a Psychiatric Crisis Service or Emergency Room at the nearest hospital.

Clients will not be seen primarily for legal or quasi-legal issues (WSIB, Family Court, report to the court, report to probation) alone, but could be seen if motivation is for treatment (for example: person on probation).

Referrals for Adolescent Inpatients must be done through Durham Region Central Intake.

As a tertiary facility we are not able to accept referrals for long term placement or residential care.

Phone: 877.767.9642     If you are in crisis our Crisis Nurse would be happy to speak to you 24/7 at 800.263.2679. Email: